your materials to the focus

Dr. Robert Kirchner (Head of HMRG) | Robert develops multi-material 3D printing since 2018. He has an engineering degree from Technische Universität Dresden and has 10+ years of experience in 3D micro-nano-fabrication. Robert drives the vision, the strategic development, and supports the system design.

Dr. Ye Yu (Head of Technology) | Ye is an experienced researcher with wide background in material science, nanofabrication technologies, and nano-optics/plasmonics. She now leads the product and material development team.

Mr. Jörg Knorr (Head of Finance) | Jörg studied at the Technische Universität Dresden and the Erasmus University Rotterdam. He holds a degree in economics, has long-term business experience in different positions and various areas of industries, is experienced in technology transfer, spin-offs and the growth of companies. Jörg oversees finances and mainly coordinates and drives business development.

Mr. Siddharth Das (Software-Hardware-Cointegration) | Siddharth is a Master's student at Technische Universität Dresden and holds a Bachelor's degree in Physics and Electronics. His interest lies in real-life applications with great enthusiasm in programming and quantum computation. He's majorly responsible for hardware and software co-integration; which includes developing GUIs for the deployed subsystems (sensors).  


Advisory Board and Network

We have a renown board of advisors from industry and academia. We are supported by the Technische Universität Dresden (TUD), the Institute of Solid State Electronics at TUD, the Center for Advancing Electronics Dresden of TUD, and dresden|exists as local consulting network at TUD.