your materials to the focus


We enable fast and convenient multi-material 3D printing at the fraction of a human hair. We put your materials to the focus.

HETEROMERGE (#HMRG) is a deep-tech venture. Based on our patented technology, we offer hardware modules and material solutions for large area 3D printing and direct laser-writing.

Our solutions

  • operate independent of printers and print substrates,
  • are more then 10x faster than the standard multi-material solutions,
  • provide highest placement accuracy up to the 10 nm range,
  • enable printing on wafer level and on active devices,
  • are designed for synergy between hardware and print materials.

You get to directly print real functional parts. 

Print multi-material - visions are realized

Combine diverse materials in an unprecedented way by voxel-level material control. Print multi-material structures at highest resolution.

More freedom - less restrictions

Get the best of free-form 3D design and ideal choice of materials. For example, in optics and life science, current design limitations are now lifted.    

Fast prototyping - time-to-product shortens

You will shorten R&D cycles with our turn-key solutions. We enable you to realize your potential in hybrid geometry-material-co-design. 

Additive volume manufacturing at your fingertips: unlimited volume and unlimted printing!